Sunday, 4 March 2012

CED Hosts International Secretariat of Peoples' Sustainability Treaties for Rio+20

An international secretariat for the Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties is hosted by the Centre for Environment Development (CED) in Sri Lanka. The secretariat established under CED will be managed by a Project Director and an international team of resources persons and volunteers and. Each treaty facilitating partner organization will also provide a representative to build-up a volunteer global action team required for organizing this large global initiative.

The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties aims to assemble civil society actors in a sustainable development dialogue and to engage civil society actors in the making of the Peoples Sustainability Treaties. The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties would thus be open to any independent stakeholder contribution, and through interaction and dialogue - pre-June 13th and post-June 22nd - the vision is to create “The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties” which will mirror the sustainability agenda(s) of the common people from all across the globe.

Failure at Rio+20 cannot be accepted; failure of the official process should not become an obstacle towards successful evolving of a global movement to lead the transition towards sustainable futures on earth. CSOs shall not make a historical mistake of simply being reactive to a weak international agenda on sustainable development; they need to assume their rightful place in global citizenry and provide the vision, leadership, and commitment towards reinforcing a strong agenda and action plan to forge ahead in a transition towards sustainable futures for all, including both humans and biodiversity. The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties is an open invitation to all CSOs to come together to develop an independent, collective outcome for Rio+20, and to plan their actions towards sustainable futures for all.

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