Friday, 8 May 2009

CED set-up Climate Sustainability PLATFORM for COP15

The upcoming UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009 has once again sparked interest and action across the world on climate change. With just nine months to go, different governments, sectors and organizations are planning and implementing thousands of activities to demonstrate their views and demands for a climate secure world. While governments are gearing up for their negotiations, stakeholders are making their own preparations to influence these negotiations. In all these isolated efforts the people and the earth still requires common meeting ground to enable a collective agreement on a sustainable climate framework to evolve. It is well known that most of the United Nations international conferences keep civil society idling and disengaged from the main deliberations. While very few understand the UN processes, there also is the question of scientific knowledge and issues awareness by participating groups that is required for the required level of lobbying the negotiators, policy makers and the politicians.

Collective action on Climate Sustainability is proposed in the wake of the reality that the climate vs. development (poverty) impasse may further prevail in Copenhagen and lead to unsuccessful negotiations at the COP15. Currently it is very unclear as to what the different initiatives and forums are going to be in Copenhagen, and a host of organisations and initiatives appears to be further splitting the participants into different directions. If these different forums are not designed to unite all the wonderful initiatives, the establishment will further benefit by continuing with the delaying tactics for a climate agreement. Therefore, it is proposed that we all join hands effectively and try to create a ‘Climate Sustainability PLATFORM’ that starts in Copenhagen and works together, to' get the negotiators and global leaders committed to sustainable climate agenda.

We believe that its important to engage all those people coming to Copenhagen as meaningfully and effectively as possible to place pressure towards achieving an agreement not simply on climate mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer or financial commitments, but essentially to find "Agreement on Climate Sustainability'. Copenhagen will achieve much less than what the expectations are drawn through the entire circus, and have a danger of making the climate debate quite sour and disappointing. Hope can be provided if we all rally together as possible as we could to create a new movement towards Climate Sustainability.

Therefore, the following action is proposed;
1. Climate Sustainability PLATFORM. An open platform for negotiators, policy makers and influencers from various countries to meet participating stakeholders and the public. The Platform will be launched for participants to place their various demands to be heard.
2. Climate Sustainability MANIFESTO. A manifesto by the Copenhagen Climate Exchange participants to be presented to the COP15, Global Forum, and other important constituencies for lobbying during the COP15 period and after. The Manifesto will become a living document for an evolving network of global climate sustainability advocates.
3. Climate Sustainability Dialogue. An open plenary with keynote presentations, panel discussion and a moderated dialogue with audience. Top level speakers and panelists will be invited to make motivational presentations.
4. Climate Sustainability CAMPUS. A series of training on climate change and sustainability issues offered specially for NGOs and stakeholder participants to enhance heir knowledge required to engage in climate negotiations and lobbying. A faculty of expert lecturers and resources persons will be invited to deliver these workshops.
5. Climate Sustainability Entrepreneur, for the SMEs of the world who are left out in the world business forum as well and will be a crucial player in ensuring climate sustainability.

The idea and plan of the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM is to collaborate with existing initiatives organised by Danish organizations during COP15 and to strengthen those processes through our global network of sustainability experts and organizations. All the above action can be offered to enhance those initiatives and we look forward to hearing from all those organizations preparing for COP15 and look forward to join together for collective action.

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