Tuesday, 6 May 2008

CED advances its Sustainable Entreprises and Sustainable Credit Programmes

Sustainable Entreprises
Sustainable Entreprises is a programme to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns through a mix of sustainable design, SME financing, fair trade and community based good governance structures. The key objective is to build quality of life, wellbeing and happiness that will lead towards sustainable lifestyles.
Level 01: eliminating poverty as a barrier to sustainability
Level 02: developing sustainable enterprises as an enabling condition for sustainability
Level 03: embedding sustainable consumption and production as a precondition for sustainable lifestyles
Level 04: promoting and propagating sustainable lifestyles as a foundation towards sustainability

Sustainable Credit
Sustainable credit is a new generation of micro-finance to promote sustainable enterprise. Targeting poor communities, the programme is furthering sustainable SME development. The guiding principles and foundations are from sustainable consumption and production, micro-finance, social entrepreneurship and community governance. The programme intends to grow into sustainability banking for sustainable lifestyles.