Friday, 20 July 2007

“Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption” by Uchita de Zoysa is launched in Stockholm, Sweden

Media Release
16th July 2007, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption, written by Uchita de Zoysa, was recently launched at the 3rd International Expert Meeting on Sustainable Consumption and Production held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption was conducted by Uchita de Zoysa in twelve Asian countries including China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. It was conducted as a part of the SC.Asia project which was partnered by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Centre for Environment and Development (CED) and Consumers International (CI) and funded by the European Commission (EC).

The Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption proposes that the primary goal of sustainable consumption should be to assure quality of life for all. It suggests that sustainable consumption planning should target to enable wellbeing and ensure happiness for all people. The report argues that sustainable consumption needs to be discussed in the interest of half of the world’s population that are in poverty, while addressing the over consumption issues of the developed countries. The report emphasises that equity in consumption is a major challenge of the international community that seeks to regulate unsustainable consumption patterns.

The Asian Review on SC is an out come of a large dialogue that was initiated by the Centre for Environment and Development when it conducted the Asian Review on SC in 2004. Over hundred organisations in Asia were represented by some of the most knowledgeable thinkers, researchers, activists and administrators on sustainability in the region. This report provides a preliminary framework towards promoting sustainable consumption in Asia where half of the global humanity resides.

The Asian Review is in three volumes. Volume one is this report and volume two contains the case studies. The objective of the case studies is to provide proof of Asian initiatives to promote sustainable consumption. The third volume is a collection of questionnaires, survey forms and interview guides that were designed exclusively in the year 2004 for the Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption as a part of the SC.Asia project. The report, case studies and survey formats of the Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption are now available on CD ROM, print and also electronically.

The author of the Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption, Uchita de Zoysa is the Executive Director of the “Centre for Environment and Development” and a global advocate for a sustainable world. He is also the Managing Director of “D&D Strategic Solutions” which is an agency offering corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability consultancy services. He has travelled widely across the world as a speaker at many UN summits, conferences and workshops and has held positions in several international steering committees. Currently he is engaged in developing and implementing CSR projects and sustainability plans for corporate and international organizations.

Interested organizations and individuals are invited to request for copies of the report by sending an email to “ ” and parts of the report can be found at “ ”.