Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption

The presentation is based on the findings of the "Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption" conducted by Uchita de Zoysa, Centre for Environment & Development (CED) for SC.ASIA: Capacity Building for Implementation of UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection (Section G: Sustainable Consumption) in Asia.

The 12 countries studied in this review display significant differences in economic, social and cultural conditions. The group include least developed (LDC) countries such as Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam and Nepal, as well as the two economic giants of the region; China and India. Also rapidly growing economies such as Malaysia and Thailand are represented as well as developing economies of Sri Lanka, Indonesia & Philippines.

The Asian Review has shown a holistic approach to achieving sustainable consumption.
The model presented was evolved as a result of the engagement of over 100 Asian GO, NGO & Industry organizations. SC.Asia is a truly an innovative initiative from Asia that can form the path of sustainable consumption policy planning and implementation in the world.

This model now needs to be further reviewed expanded to well suit the regional and country situations in Asia.

Full presentation is at: http://www.helplinetrust.org/EDC/updates/March2006/Foreign_Speakers/Uchita_files/frame.htm#slide0002.htm